Don't Use Deep Cleaning With Your Edible Printer

Posted by Sweet Art® on Aug 6th 2015


What is Deep Cleaning?
Your edible image printer has a built-in function that allows for cleaning of the printhead should it show signs of clogging. In the edible printer driver's Properties section there is a Maintenance area that provides two choices for printhead cleaning: Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning. Both of these functions force edible ink through the tiny nozzles of the printhead in order to dissolve the dried food coloring crystals that clog up the nozzles and cause poor print quality. The difference between Regular Cleaning and Deep Cleaning is mainly the force and duration that this ink is pumped through the printhead nozzles.
(For more information on printhead clogging and troubleshooting see our earlier post, Help! My Edible Printer Is Printing The Wrong Colors!)

Why should Deep Cleaning be avoided?
Although Deep Cleaning is more aggressive than the Regular Cleaning function, in our experience Deep Cleaning does NOT provide a better result and the downside of using it is considerable for the following reasons:

  1. Deep Cleaning uses a tremendous amount of edible ink and can potentially drain your edible ink cartridges in just a few uses.
  2. Frequent use of Deep Cleaning can cause your edible printer to stop working due to an "Ink Absorber Full" error. The Ink Absorber is a pad in the base of the edible printer that is designed to catch the ink pulled from the edible ink cartridges during routine printing as well as during cleaning cycles. Your edible printer has a built-in counter that tracks printing and cleaning cycles giving more weight to Deep Cleaning than to Regular Cleaning. Frequent use of Deep Cleaning can result in your edible printer experiencing the "Ink Absorber Full" error very quickly, and when this error occurs the only solution is to replace the printer.

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